Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Viv getting crafty with Kraft

Good morning to you all, it's time for our mid month post.

It seems slow going this month and there were we thinking you all liked creating with flowers and making Christmas cards ? There is a fabulous prize to be won from 'be Creative!' so get out all those flower and foliage stamps and come and join in.

This month it's the turn of Viv to tell us the colours she least likes working with, although looking at her card you would never know, so I will hand you over to her.

My turn for the mid month post where all the DT have to make something in a colour that they're not comfortable with. There's not many colours I don't like - sometimes what I call the harsh colours (yellows/oranges) I think are hard to work with but the one that tops the list for me is not one of the harsh ones but one I call NONDESCRIPT! Put simply the colour is Kraft!

Don't know what it is about this buff coloured card but I find it really difficult to use.  I have tried many times to make Cards with it - some have turned out OK, (and just OK) - others have just ended up in the bin! It always seems drab and dreary and reminds me of boring cardboard boxes and packages!

So tasked with the mid month challenge I jumped in and got out the Kraft card. This is the third attempt! (others are in the Kraft cemetery).

Overall I am happy with this as I think the contrast colour 'lifts' the dreariness!

Thanks for sharing Viv.


  1. You've definitely lifted the kraft card out of the 'buff envelope, dreary cardboard box' category. Just love the poinsettias in that colour and this is a great card.

  2. I think Viv is being too hard on herself. I'm glad she didn't toss out her third attempt, because this card is just gorgeous.I think the kraft and turquoise work really well together.

    1. I was a bit bothered about the colour combo as I thought red might have worked better and don't suppose the aqua colour is really related to Christmas either - but am glad you like it and thank you for your comments!

  3. perfect card, so beautiful combine.

  4. So funny, these are my favorite colors to work with! I love the natural (drab). Hee hee... I just adore this card and think it couldn't be more beautiful, even in a different color scheme. Well done! Lately I remind myself that the simple rule of decorating is always have some pure white and black in every room to help balance things out. I am trying to apply this to my cards too, think it works!

    1. I love neutral colours as the interior of my house will testify - it's just when I try and transfer neutral to my cards I don't like it!! Thanks for taking the time though to leave me such a nice comment.

  5. I love this card. Very clever. That poinsettia is such a pretty colour too.


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